Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Promotional Video

Here's a project promotional video - the first actual project video online.

You can't do anything that doesn't change the world. Why not change it in a positive way?

Really, if you watch a 1 hour movie, you're 1 hour closer to the time you die. It's costing you your life. Do you really want to give up your life just to be entertained?

Of course, because if you don't take a breaks and enjoy stuff, you'll burn out. Thus, doing enjoyable things are something you've gotta do. So, why not entertain yourself with something that's really inspiring? Something that gets you excited about God?

If you watch lots films that actually show you how to get rich or free run, you'll probably get rich or free run.

If you were to watch lots of amazing film that show you how to actually be a cool Christian, you'll probably become a better Christian.

If you watch lots of movies that show you how cool it is to be evil, you'll probably become more evil... Hopefully not, but it's really hard not to be influenced by films.

So, lets make films that influence Christians to rise up and live for God!

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