Friday, August 19, 2011

Script + Effects testing

This project is still going. The script is basically finished up, and the effects testing is beginning.

Lately, movies have had bigger and better and more seamless special effects. Yes, this is cool, but I haven't really found the effects to bring as much to the movie as simpler, but more dangerous practical effects.

I'm also unhappy with the explosions in modern movies. Yes, they're big and puffy, but after making many similar fireballs in my own backyard, I learned something; Movie explosions aren't really dangerous. They might look that way to an untrained observer, but they carry no shockwave or shrapnel that a real explosion would produce. Realistic explosions would be more costly to produce but would really give film audiences a better overall movie experience.

I plan to post confirmation of successful effects tests on this web log, and should be posting within a month.

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