Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 1!

So, it's fun how things work. You could look at this picture, and assume we're doing some crazy shooter movie, but nope. It's just part of the overally sceme of making a really sweet movie that will interest a multigenerational secular and Christian audience through the use of $4000+ .50cal rifles. (or make an attempt to do such a thing!)
Anyways, I felt pretty special getting a fancy permit from Stillwater delivered to me by a sweet Police Officer to film in Stillwater, MN. Not everything worked out exactly as planned, and sometimes worked out even better.
Take this picture for example. I wasn't thinking we'd even get this sweet teaser picture, but there it is! Also, you won't see anything like it in the rough movie, but it will be pretty fun anyhow!
Well, I'm getting up at 6am tomorrow to head back to Stillwater for an exciting indoor shoot of awesomeness, so I better check out.

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