Friday, February 20, 2009

Heros and good movies?

So I went and saw a movie, and as typical of most movies I've seen, it catered to a group of people who see "good movies."
Good movies?

"Yeah. It was a good movie."

"A movie where loyalty and bravery and perseverance are portrayed. Where somebody stood strong to protect someone else. Where good prevailed against evil. It had a good storyline, funny lines, and interesting characters. It was shot well, edited well, and had a cool soundtrack. Yeah, there was some stuff I don't approve of, but overall it was a good movie."

This above statement describes any movie. The virtues loyalty, bravery, and perseverance are used as commonly by evil as good. So, really, these movies have virtually nothing positive about them. Except entertainment. (that's another topic)

So, really we've got a title of “Hero” on this post, so let's find out what that's about.
The hero of this film was a guy who trusted that he could save someone he cared about, despite a huge amount evil beings against him. He makes split second decisions, he uses lots of skills he's got, coercion, smart talk, quick thinking and he takes many lives of evil people to finish his mission.

So, that's the hero we see. The guy who gets his way through worldly power. He's a strong and wise worldly guy. That being symbolic doesn't change it.

When was the last time you saw a movie with a Christian character that strong, but strong in faith? Somebody who actually modeled beliefs that God could solve their problems.

I haven't seen one movie yet where God couldn't have solved the problems of the hero.

I've seen a lot of movies where Christians are portrayed as being weak and powerless. They somehow scrape together a solution, and eventually achieve a happy ending - or die, because that's happy too right?

These sort of films aren't showing us who we should be. If they were redone as typical movies, It'd be like a heist movie where the guys go to jail, get out 60 years later, and have a happy reunion by stealing napkins from a restaurant. Who cares? Anyone can do that.

It's as hypocritical to have a Christian who is closer to God than you are as having a normal guy who's got better impossibly good skills portrayed in a film you're making.

So, how about we film makers find out what an impossibly great Christian would look like today, and how to make a really realistic and exciting film around that?

Rather than just sitting and staring a movie for 2 hours, we could actually be inspired and instructed to live a power filled Christian life.

Also, I saw a film promoting how cool it is to be a National Guard Warrior.

Why don't Christians have films like this promoting how cool it is to be a Christian Warrior?

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